Practice Areas

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Mergers and Acquisitions

The firm has an extensive practice in the area of mergers and acquisitions. The firm's attorneys represent both publicly and privately held purchasers and sellers in asset purchases, stock purchases, mergers, corporate restructurings, leveraged buy-outs and tender offers.

In that capacity, the firm plays an active role in advising its clients on structuring the transaction, negotiating the terms of the purchase or sale, drafting the acquisition agreements and, most importantly, getting the transaction closed.

As securities law issues often arise in merger and acquisition transactions, the firm advises clients on such matters, including disclosure duties in connection with acquisitions involving the issuance of securities, registered exchange offers, third party tender offers, issuer tender offers and going private transactions. The firm also advises clients on the environmental and antitrust law aspects of the transaction and works with its clients to obtain all necessary regulatory approvals.

We are also active in structuring various takeover defense mechanisms, including adoption of special charter and by-law provisions, implementing classified boards, adopting shareholder rights plans ("poison pills"), creating multiple classes of stock and formulating similar devices. Firm attorneys also play active roles in advising directors of their fiduciary duties and obligations in selling a company.